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Thank you for visiting the Conservation Finance Innovation Network's website. We hope you visit often. This site features information resources that bring new light to the practice of conservation finance and the education of conservation financiers. It does so through feature articles as well as expanding set of links to to the following resource groups and interactive forums, including:

The key focus of the website is on techniques and practices that are innovative, and that bring innovative twists to tried and true conservation finance practices.  We will be looking for ideas that are novel, significant, measurably effective, transferable and have an ability, or at least the potential, to endure.

The website is still in its formatives stages. We do now, and will continue in the future to value your ideas about how to present this information in the most practical and accessible format.  And we are always happy to hear news you have to share about newly available resources and innovations in the field of conservation finance that merit the attention of the community-of-practice associated with the Conservation Finance Innovation Network.


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Resource in the Spotlight:

Conservation Almanac

The Conservation Almanac is the first comprehensive source of information about the state of land conservation in America. It contains original data for each of the 50 states on dollars spent on land conservation and acres protected by the states and the federal government, as well as a rundown on the policies and conservation programs at work in each state. To visit the Conservation Almanac, click here.

Expert Chat:

On Wednesday, May 14, the Conservation Finance Innovation Network held an expert chat with Ernest Cook of the Trust for Public Land and Michael Jenkins of Forest Trends and the Katoomba Group. Cook and Jenkins lead two distinctive efforts to bring information on conservation finance to practitioners in the United States and throughout the world. Read more about the chat, and link to the recording of the chat on the expert chats page.